About Us

DG Training Pte Ltd (DGT) was formed and based in Singapore as a contributor to the training and upskilling scene for the dangerous goods industry which encompasses sectors from aviation, manufacturing and freight forwarding. The company reconciled over 20 years of experience in dangerous goods handling and management from multiple subject matter experts to build a learning community in hope to make learning and upskilling accessible and cultured among entities and professionals.

Why is CBTA so important?


CBTA looks at the ability of each individual against the skills needed for a particular task and comes up with a targeted plan to bridge any gap.


Organizations see immediate benefits from CBTA. It ensures competency in all personnel and keeps industry standards at the forefront of operational processes.

Get Better

CBTA is an essential tool in the industry’s determination to build back better.


DGT is a CBTA Center, with global accreditation by IATA for recognizing compliance with CBTA training provisions.


DGT is recognized for meeting global standards in dangerous goods training.

Be Qualified

Our participants will gain internationally recognized qualifications together with co-branded IATA course certificates.

Our Courses

The latest industry standards, regulations and procedures in the fast-moving dangerous goods sector.

Virtual LIVE Session

Currently, there are no public sessions available in virtual mode, but if you are interested in in-house classes, please contact us to arrange a session for a minimum of 5 participants.

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